Daniel Thomas Roasted Coffee

Craft coffee at it's best

The Brand: Daniel Thomas was born in the small industrial town of Sasolburg. At the age of 11, he moved from Kroonstad, in the heart of the Free State, to a small farm called Bankies, which he inherited from his Grandfather. With only a barn for a house, he persevered to fulfil his dream of becoming a sheep farmer. With great determination, Daniel grew his farm to become one of the biggest producing sheep feed-lot farms in South Africa. Daniel then pursued a new passion. He fell in love with the art of coffee roasting and after his success in the Sheep Farming Industry, he travelled the world learning about coffee from some of the World’s Master Roasters. He honed his skills and learned about the trade secrets to roasting the finest coffee beans.

The Process: The challenge was to design an authentic range of premium coffee bags that could retail next to well establish brands in the market. Developing a farm theme around the Daniel Thomas brand was designed using an illustrative design style. The bags were then printed and produced using a digital printer which meant small print runs were now achievable, creating huge cost savings from using traditional printing methods such as gravure printing.
This allowed a small brand to enter the market and look as professional as larger more established brands.

The Daniel Thomas coffee bags designs were featured on the dieline for its innovative design style and printing techniques.

Client: Daniel Thomas
Date: 2014
Services: Packaging design

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