ColorCafé – The Brand

COLORCAFÉ is a new high-end cosmetic and fragrance retail store in Zambia. The concept behind the store is to create an interactive experience where customers are served coffee and can experience the store in a relaxed and informal manner keeping them engaged and shopping for longer!

Client: African Sales Company - ASCO
Date: 2016
Services: Photography, Branding

COLORCAFÉ – The Process

COLORCAFÉ is a new brand and required a unique approach when developing it. Our design team was inspired to create an African brand with a global appeal. We created a unique typeface for the brand to ensure that it stood apart from other competitor stores in the same retail environment. The use of vibrant complimentary colours and patterning was designed to create texture and vibrancy. We collaborated with an awarding winning Kenyan photographer to bring the brand to life.

The first COLORCAFÉ store has been a major success and the brand is now entering into new markets such as Mozambique in early 2018!


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